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Changing hostname to 1f616emo.xyz, and other changes

Serveral changes have done and will be done on Toyshost Services.

Domain name migration

I have created the domain name 1f616emo.xyz on Feb 2, 2023. Services on TH3 will be slowly migrated from thost3.de to 1f616emo.xyz. Redirects will be created from the old to the new domains once the migration was done upon a particular service. The use of the subdomains of thost3.de, if a subdomain of 1f616emo.xyz pointing to the same site exists, is deprecated.

Though will still work within a year, the domain name thost3.de should not be treated as stable. If you have any bookmarks that are pointing to the old domain, please change them as soon as possible.

Moving services to different machines

All static website services will be moved to Cloudflare Pages, and some other services will be moved from TH3 to TH2. This help balancing the workload of two servers, and increase the access speed of static websites.

The following services have been migrated:

  1. Main website (TH3 -> CF Pages, https://1f616emo.xyz/)
  2. (Partly) Blog (Th3 -> CF Pages, https://blog.1f616emo.xyz/)

The following services will be migrated:

  1. Static file downloads (TH3 -> load balance between TH3 and TH2)
  2. Small script download (TH3 -> CF Pages)
  3. dNotes (TH3 https://dnotes.thost3.de/ -> TH2)

The following services will never be moved and will be kept as-is:

  1. Chat Relay EMOLWB2 (TH3, managed by sunafterrain)

No impacts should be done on frontend user experience except the change of URL. IF you encounter issue, please contact me.

Drop of some seldom-used services

The following services will be dropped because of their low demand of use or their failed operation:

  1. SimpleUpload (TH3, https://simpleupload.thost3.de/)
  2. AnonQ (TH3, https://anonq.thost3.de/)
  3. Pastebin (TH3, https://pb.thost3.de/)
  4. Django Blog (TH3, https://dblog.thost3.de/)
  5. Wiki (TH3, https://wiki.thost3.de/)
  6. Wordpress Blog (TH3, https://blog.thost3.de/, contents will be moved to CF Pages)
  7. About Emoji (TH3, https://about.thost3.de/)
  8. Minetest C&C Server Website (TH3, https://mtccs.thost3.de/)
  9. Telegram Bot Plug (TH3, TG@emoji_tgplug_bot)
  10. E-Handbook (TH3, Details kept private)

If you want to back up data on those services, please do so as soon as possible.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.


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